Nestled in the bluffs of west central Wisconsin, Ellis Family Farms and Feedlot is the only Certified Angus Beef LLC feedlot in the state of Wisconsin, and we'd like to welcome you to our web site. We hope this gives you insight as to the services we provide as a CAB feedlot.

We began this endeavor in 1997, and as newlyweds we had big ideas, and lots of goals to meet. With a very modest cow herd (14 head), and lots of determination, we've grown to 70 head in our angus based commercial cow herd. As our sizes grew we searched for a way to step our program up and that is when we pursued Jimmy's interest in wanting to know more about becoming a licensed Certified Angus Beef LLC feedlot. What was intended as improving our own program went to a whole new level when we received our first phone call regarding custom feeding.

Today we are custom feeding cattle for owners whom retain ownership and want the carcass data, which in turn will help their programs become more efficient. Yardage, chute charges, and estimated cost of gain can be acquired by emailing us, or a phone call.

We encourage the customers to wean, worm, vaccinate, and castrate, prior to bringing their cattle to our facility, however, we are fully equipped to do all of the mentioned tasks and can quote you rates for the services and products needed.

Our feed rations and minerals are specially formulated and monitored throughout the duration of the feeding time. We strive to use the most cost-effective ration, and the basis of that is: ground alfalfa hay, high moisture corn, by products, and a balanced mineral. We grow our own corn and hay which benefit's the over-all program for custom feeding.

When the cattle are nearing the finished stage we contact the owners, share with them the protocol we follow for trucking or hauling the cattle to slaughter. As a CAB feedlot, we must comply to where the cattle are required to be sent for slaughter and the processing plants we send the cattle to are PM Beef in Windom Minnesota, and Tyson in Joslin Illinois. We can arrange all of the trucking to the plants and use a reputable trucking company.

2007 was our first year of feeding cattle for a natural beef market and found that to be another effective avenue if you are considering custom feeding and may not have cattle that qualify for the CAB program. We try very hard to work with the requests made by potential customers. If you've never sent cattle away for custom feeding and you would like to know more or are considering trying, please feel free to contact us with all of your questions and we will be more then happy to get back to you. We're not the largest feedlot out there today, but know you will be treated with honesty, fairness, and the best care we can provide for your cattle. We love what we are doing and keep working to improve the quality of our program each year, our increased numbers tell us we must be doing something right. We are so fortunate to work with the great customers we have and hope that we can continue to meet their expectations and we welcome anyone who would like to know more.

 Yearling Angus heifers

 Kaycee and her steer at the Buffalo County Fair


Along with the excitement of our custom feeding operations taking off, we have sold a few good steers to the local 4-H kids to show, and we are just as energetic about seeing our cattle shown at the county fair.

This is a family based operation, and we appreciate the support, and help, from each other.
I feel especially blessed, to be raising a family, in this environment.


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