The Ellis farm all began when Jim E. Ellis, moved to Wisconsin with his family in 1960. His father, Delbert Ellis, bought a farm and packed up his family and moved from Estherville Iowa to Independence Wisconsin with nothing more then a tractor and a horse. From that day on the Ellis family has diversified itself,in many areas of farming; from milking cows to the beef cattle that now roam the lush green pastures. Jim married Jenny Hillig and have since moved to Jenny's parents farm home and have converted the once full-time dairy farm to a working and very busy cattle feeding operation.

Jim and Jenny are blessed with four children, and 3 grandchildren. Jimmy, the eldest son, next is Paul, to follow is Meaghan and her husband Steve, with their 2 daughters Sarah and Bridget, and most precious of them all is Miriam. Family ties are strong, and although the middle children (Paul & Meg) live in different states, when they return home, fall into the daily routine as if they never left.

Jim and Jenny's eldest son Jimmy, continued to farm with his family and in 1997 married and started up a small cow herd of his own. Jim and Jimmy farm side by side and with the continued support of one another have built up their farms with not only the beef cattle and crop farming, but also became growers for Gold N Plump. Between the father and son the 3 broiler barns are always full. The broiler barns were a perfect combination for the continued growth and success of the crop farming and well kept pastures for the cow/calf pairs to graze on.

When Jimmy married his wife Amy, little did he realize what was in store for him with another small business to crop up on the farm. Jimmy and Amy met trail riding their horses and believe it or not, that is exactly the "small business" that came to be horses.

Today, along with Jimmy's passion for raising quality angus cattle, is matched by Amy's love of breeding well bred quarter horses. A very humble beginning is never forgotten and still, the mission that will forever remain is to raise the type of horse that has sense, versatility, good conformation, and is pretty to look at! You can find a rainbow of colors floating about the pasture with the mares and foals, and upon occasion, a POA will be offered for sale. Westem Pleasure, and HUS type horses are the main focus in their breeding program.


splashbompro.jpg splashbomkowabunga.jpg

Summer's here!!! Meet our resident Splash Bomb Pro....

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November 15, 2008 we welcomed a new member to our family - a blue heeler puppy! 
Kaleb is enjoying the introduction, and learning about puppy kisses, and little nibbles.
Thank You to Glenda and
Jessi for sharing a part of their family, with ours.

puppy and her master.jpg puppy and kaleb first hello.jpg puppy and kdo smooches.jpg



JazzyandKaleb092.jpg JazzyandKaleb09.jpg

Jazz watching her cattle...




 Jimmy and Amy welcomed a son into their small family in March of 2005, and Kaleb James Ellis is following in his father's, grandfather's, and great grandfather's footsteps, with displaying a huge interest in farming. Doesn't matter what the job, Kaleb is usually geared up for anything!

 our nieces, Sarah and Bridget. These are Jimmy's sister's (Meg) children


 Jimmy and Noel - circa 1970....something!

So, as you visit our site, and see what we have to offer, know that the farm name we have chosen, is one that holds a significant meaning - Ellis Family Farms and Feedlot.




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