Our first foal we ever raised, hit the ground in May of 2000. After his arrival, I was hooked! Raising foals is truly fulfilling, on so many levels.

The foals start arriving in April and May, so if you are considering a new prospect for show, or just want a nice horse to trail ride, please contact us for your next horse.

2016 Filly

AQHA Filly
born 6/30/16
 barn name – 'Josie'

Time To Zippo x Two Elusive To Touch

IF eligible & NSBA (BCF/SIF) eligible


photo at 6 days...

josie 6days.jpgJosie drinker 7-6-16.jpg

Josie and herd 7-6-16.jpgJosie walk 7-6-16.jpgjosie 6days2.jpg

newborn photos...

Josie newborn 6-30-16.jpg

Josie newborn 6 6-30-16.jpgJosie newborn 3 6-30-16.jpg

josie 6 30.jpgjosie2.jpg

2016 Colt

born 6/02/16
 barn name – 'Otis'

Time To Zippo x Naturally Grays Full

IF eligible & NSBA (BCF/SIF) eligible

photos at 4 months...

Otis look.jpgOtis front.jpg

Otis walk.jpg

Otis neck.jpgOtis hip.jpgOtis graze.jpg

photos at 9 days...

Otis pro 6-11-16.jpg

Otis face 6-11-16.jpgOtis 6-11-16.jpgOtis front 6-11-16.jpg

2016 Colt

born 5/02/16
 barn name – 'Sid'

Time To Zippo x Cookies In A Minute

IF eligible & NSBA (BCF/SIF) eligible

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Renee Dierdorff on her purchase of Sid the Kid!!! Congratulations!!

photos at almost 2 months...

Sid stand 7-6-16.jpg

Sid walk 6-26-16.jpgSid 7-6-16.jpgSid pasture 7-6-16.jpg

photos at 20 days...

sid 20days2.jpgsid 20days.jpg

photos at 12 days...

sid 12days2.jpg

sid 12days3.jpgsid 12days.jpg

photos at 5 days...

sid 5days1.jpg

sid 5days3.jpg

sid 5days.jpgsid 5days2.jpgsid 5days4.jpg

photos at a few hours old...

sid n cookie.jpg


2016 Filly

AQHA Appendix Bay Filly
born 4/22/16
 barn name – 'Hope'

Time To Zippo x A Brew Two

IF eligible & NSBA (BCF/SIF) eligible

A BIG THANK YOU and congrats goes out to Jenny Jones on her purchase of 'BEAUTIFUL DRUG' (name pending) aka, Hope!!

photos at 10 weeks....

Hope BW 7-6-16.jpg

Hope stand 7-6-16.jpgHope face7-6-16.jpg

photos at 6 weeks....

Hope walk 6-11-16.jpg

Hope walk 2 6-11-16.jpgHope prof 6-11-16.jpg

photos at 30 days....

hope 30days2.jpghope 30days.jpg

photos at 3 weeks....

hope 3weeks3.jpg

hope 3weeks2.jpghope 3weeks.jpg

photos at 10 days....



photos at 24 hrs....

hope n nana 24hrs.jpghope 24hrs.jpg

photos at a few hours old...




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