"...raise your hands to Heaven and pray, that we'll be back together some day." 

Kat's heart was huge, and in the right place. We will miss our Sweet Kit-Kat.

Registered Pinto Gelding

"Scout was my first horse, he taught me a lot.  Mostly, the grand responsibility of owning and caring for a horse."

Bailey was actually an engagement present from my husband!

I had a choice - large diamond, no horse or smaller diamond and a horse.  Guess what I opted for?  :)
She was the first mare we ever bred and she gave us our first foal - she is what started it all for us with breeding mares.

As my riding gelding Scout did for me in the saddle, this little mare did the same in lessons learned in the foal raising dept.  

We had to put her down because of a brain aneurysm - she was only 10.  It broke our hearts......


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